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Here is my Step by Step Roe Cure, 5 pounds of Fresh Chum Roe (Soft Bait Cure)

Materials Needed

Strainer,Foil Pans,Cooling Trays,Gloves,Scissors you can get at the Dollar store

Place Fresh Roe in Strainer to drain any juice or what is on there

Step 1 - Butterfly Roe Skeins

Butterfly your roe, Holding the backside of the skin on your palm of your hand, cut through the center of the eggs gently without cutting through the skin, this opens up the skein and lay it flat, this allows the cure to get into all the roe , and helps with drying

Step 2 - Dry Time

Place the Butterfly cut Roe on to cooling racks on foil pan, let air dry for approx. 1 Hour (Personal Preference)
the point of using the cooling racks is it allows air to dry roe from the top and bottom

Step 3 - Jar Your Raw Roe

1 skein per small jar and 2 skeins per large jar, Place 2 Table spoons of cure into small jars and 3 table spoons into large jar

Give each jar a good shake to make sure the Cure is mixed into the Roe

Step 4 - Fridge

Place jars in the Fridge and set stove timer to 30 minutes after 30 minutes take jars out and give them a good shake mixing the juice into all the roe, repeat this 30 minute process for about 1.5 - 2 hours

Step 5 - Remove from fridge

Remove the jars from he fridge and poor the Roe from the jars to the strainer to drain any excess juices

Give the strainer a good shake to help the juice drain out, place the skeins on the cooling trays and let dry up to 6-8 hours to desired firmness (Personal preference)

Take your scissors and cut the skeins into strips

Step 6 - Bait size Pieces

Once Pieces are desired firmness, take the strips of roe and cut into loonie size pieces and place on newspaper

Put Pieces in fresh borax and store as desired

Step 7 - Finished product

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That stuff is making salivate, looks good enough to eat. Like any good dish It's all in the
preperation.........mmmmmm Stealie candy. Marko.... :D

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Nicely done. Very similar tactics to my own. Only difference is I'm single ;D
Being in the Restaurant equipment biz, I use what is called a Doughnut screen. Tighter mesh and made out of stainless steel. The screen is on a 1/4" grid. I also use a triver which is a 1/2" grid, but they are chrome plated and can rust if they aren't cleaned properly.
I know some guys say they use plastic screens like what you see in a flourscent light fixture. They are on a 1" grid (I think) Some people think the metal gives off a bad scent. ???
If you want a GREAT book on egg cures, go to amatobooks.com They have a book written by Scott Haugen called "Egg Cures" . Scott is da man when it comes to egg cures. $15.00 us.
Frank Amato publications also publishes my favorite mag: Salmon Trout Steelheader or STS.
PS: If you get last months issue, you can see a pic of yours truly in the "hog Pen" ;D

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slamdunk said:
thanks for the post!! was wondering how you do it!

question, at the last step, how much borax do you put in the jars - large and small jars
just cure in the jars no borax , i fill a frezzer zip loc half way of borax

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i tried your way last year and it works out better then the way i was doing it,my problem was i would leave the roe in the jars until all the juices were reabsorbed so i thinks me was buring the eggs.thanks freak ;)

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I tried curing my own for the first time this past fall and it was disasterous. Not sure what it was I did but they shriveled up on me. The next time I am definately going to try your recipie. Thanks for the quality post FishFreak!
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