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not new to the WORLD of fishing (grew up on the deck of a commercial salmon boat out of comox) but new to actually fishing with rod and reel.

i fish fresh and salt in the powell river area, from shore and kayak, and though i'm pretty sure it's against the law to say this, i have no interest in salmon fishing.

no, come on now, put away your bonkers and gaff hooks, i'm just here for lings, hali, rock fish, and lake trout, and that's about it! call it a preference.

that said, I have yet to CATCH any lings, cos it's hard to maintain position next to a structure when you're either

- jigging


- paddling

but not both at once, ever, and i'm not rich enough for a pedal-paddle kayak.

fixing to get myself an anchor so i can at least (hopefully) stick myself to the top of a structure/drop-off and get my lure down without snagging on boulders 50' away as the wind and tide drag me around.

gonna hang around and absorb your wisdom, and i hope to pick up tips on how to not end up dragged from Harwood to Lund if i accidentally hook a halibut in a kayak. 🤣
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