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My name is Bogdan, and I live in Victoria, and fish Southern Vancouver Island. Fishing was my first hobby. When I was 5 I begged my dad to get me a fishing rod for months, and he finally did.
Every summer we would go stay at a little cabin resort on the river/lake, and I would spend half my day talking to the old fisherman, trying to figure out how to catch a big fish. I think at that point I was mostly into perch or some other little fish on the lake.
I remember My Father Dropped me off at the bank of the river, and he left to go to the store. While he was gone I managed to hook a fish, and it was definitely bigger than what I was used to. I remembered one of the old timers telling me to walk backwards up the river bank, and reel in when walking back towards the water. This is what I did, as I wasn't strong enough to reel it in. I did this for what felt like an hour, and I eventually got too tired to reel, and waited for my dad to come back, who helped me reel in the fish. It was a trout probably in the 2' range. It was huge to a 5 year old kid, and i'll never forget the feeling. I think its what keeps everyone on this forum coming back.

Ever since that day I have been hooked, in some way or another.

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