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Just got back from my annual fall trip from Hihium Lk :) had a great time as uasal many thanks to Quint and Carl from Sky High Lodge for the accomidations. Arrived on Sunday night and started fishing early Monday am got my 14' princecraft in the water with my 9.9 Honda made my way past the weed bed and go to hook up the elecrtic motor and notice that the depth adjustment is broken from the last time my brother had it out a couple weeks ago. :pissed: Damm he never fixed it :wallbash: So I still hook it up and battery dead :wallbash: I know I should have put it on charger a couple days ago but... Alright start fishing with the gas motor it's clear blue dead calm on the water with light to moderate fishing on the lake. Oh is it hot out temp got up to 27 degs and no wind all day. I grab my 5 wt fly rod with cortland rapid sink line and put on one of the favorites a silver and pink f4 flatfish and start my curise. I troll all the way to eagle bay and not one hit I also notice on the finder that all the fish except a few are all on the surface. I have never seen this before at this time of year. So I switch gear and troll with a 52 buick on the surface and still nothing. I'm fishing with a bunch of other guy's and they have little to no luck in their boats either. I go back to the original set up and use a silver and orange f5 flatfish and bang first fish nice chrome 1lb er. Cast back out and just as fast another one and over the next couple hours I caught about 20 of these scrappy 1lb-1.5lb fish. The afternoon was way to hot to fish so I spend most of the day around camp talking to others and hear the fishing has been pretty slow. One couple plan to go out after dark and see how they do. Go back out for the evening fish and try a f5 bright red flatfish. I have no luck untill just before dark and tag into 6 nice 2lb-2.5lb fish. At dark I head in for the night and see the other couple and their father in law head out on the water. They come back at about 10:00pm with a stringer full of 3lb plus fish wow :happy: They told me they were using a silver flat fish and fishing just below the surface. Day two was a little cooler and light breeze accross the lake all day. I had moderate luck with a black and silver f4 flatfish and the two I used the day before. I end up having toooo many :beerchug: to go out at night to try what the other couple had done. On day three wow 60-70kmh winds way to rough and cold to go out( it got to 4 degs at night) so we pack up to go home. Still a great time on water :cheers:
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