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Hihium Lake

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Just wondering if anyone has a recent report or has heard anything on how this is currently fishing. Thinking about heading up this weekend.
Thanks fellas!
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thanks for the update, I appreciate it! Always pretty windy up there :-\
This is one of my favorite lakes to fish. Yes it can get pretty windy up there but I have found in all my trips up there it is like many other places it has it's good days and it's bad. My avatar is a shot from Sky High Lodge with just gorgeous water. There are other lakes near by, it's like any other place just be prepared. :beerchug:
thanks salmonator! I fished it for the first time last summer and loved it.... some really great pieces of water to fish! I'll keep you guys posted if I make it up there this weekend!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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