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Bill. his friend Jim and I hit the flats to catch some trout and load up on some bait. Ladyfish have been all over the flats lately mixed right in with some very nice trout. They are quite messy but but a ball to catch and almost always willing to play. Bombers and suspending twitch baits have been the taking trout, redfish, bluefish and ladyfish. They have all been scattered over the inshore flats out to about 4'. This day was a winy one limiting us to fishing the deeper cuts and channels. the strong east wind really pushed the water out to near winter lows with lots of real estate showing. The trout were light on the bite as I would expect with that much wind. We did take a dozen trout home this day from 16 to 20" along with a pile of ladyfish and a good bluefish. Jim was a pleasure to fish with and fun to be around. Bill as always was a lot of fun just relaxing and fishing for the fun of it.

Bill, Jim and I caught these

Don and Casey joined me today to chase trout and whatever else was biting. a little less wind and some partly cloudy skies made for a pleasant day to be on the water. The fishing was great today with trout and ladyfish hitting steadily all day. Again the fish were scattered along channel edges, over pot holes and in the deeper inside cuts. We really sampled a lot of water to see where the fish were thickest. Really they were not thick in any one place but there were plenty evenly distributed over the inshore flats. The one thing that set today ahead of yesterday was we were able to make better casts and were rewarded with several over slot trout to 23 1/2". A solid limit of trout made the ride home with us along with a cooler full of ladyfish. Casey hooked a nice mackerel that measured 26". As I cut it's gill to bleed it it fliped overboard and swam off. Oops my bad:grin. It was destined to be smoked and made into dip but not this time. The trout are really starting to show up in good numbers and some real beauties as well. Over both days we landed 6 redfish but all were small.

Don, Casey and I caught these
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