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Have been fishing the bottom in the Columbia for nice rainbows all fall and winter using a 3 way setup. (I do like to flyfish in the summer) It starts great in the fall using a big piece of shrimp and a couple of marshmallows on a big hook and the fish smash it and hook themselves up, however as winter sets in and progresses it gets a little slower. I understand they want to eat a bit less and that is OK so we use smaller pieces of shrimp or roe and usually get rid of the mm's. The fish right now are just pecking at the bait and almost impossible to hook up. Everyone I know says the same thing. Sometimes a maggot is added to the shrimp or roe and the little bait stealers peck off the maggots. Only occasionally they hammer it and hook themselves up like in the fall. I am told on a fly fishing setup in winter you can give a little line to help, but in a big river this is tricky with the casting setup. Does anyone have any suggetstions on how to hook them up when they are just pecking?
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