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hot spots???

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does anyone have a good producing spot on the Vedder??

I have my little brother coming down this Saturday the 4th and he wants to catch some salmon. he has never caught salmon and with me getting skunked the last 2 saturdays I would like to hit a spot maybe i have missed or not thought of as I just wanna get him into some fish

thank you

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Good Luck on that one Hook, ::) I'm pretty sure that anyone is going to be pretty tight lipped about productive hidden spots on the Vedder. :-X I know I would be. You might get lucky and someone will shoot you a PM though.

Good Luck, Nates
ya i know Wes but i thought it would be worth a try that would also be why i put it in the 50post club cause not very many guys have over 50 so i thought that maybe some of our senior members would help out a fellow senior who is always more than helpful ;D ;D

tight lines

this is the golden question so far this year. I would love to know as well!!!!!!!!!! :wallbash:
you going out this saturday Thrasher??

if so maybe we meet up i have a couple things up my sleeve this time i think :happy:
I'm not sure what my plan is for this weekend as of right now. I will know closer to the end of the week.
Hook, I'm in for Sat...early!

Oh yeah, I got a new phone and I'll call you about droppin off the b-boat
thanks for the tips to the couple that shared with me

I will be trying out EVERYWHERE and walking to avoid crowds
well I fished some great water and only WOOKIE got a small Jack and hooked a little trout that i gave him a hard time over haha good times though

hitting monday found out about another secret which I have been promised to secrecy on, sorry boys :beerchug:

tight lines


if your out there i can tell you ROE seems to be the best ticket for catching them
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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