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HI all I have a question ::)!!!!??? I was just wondering if any one out there knows a good formula, to get the best accurate size of a fish.:thumbup:

I am asking because the work derby I put on every now 13years to be exact,:eek: we have been running into the fat and skinny fish thing. What I mean by that is clearly the fat fish was the bigger of the two fish , but yet it was short in length by 1/8 and was very skinny, obviously had all ready spond and was on it's way to cleaning up, as we do not take any :mad:(sponers or dirty dark fish).:mad:

The key for me being the one running things is to be fair to all8), and that means finding the biggest fish, plus I find it helps with people not just bringing in any old fish:( but just fish that have a chance to win.

I thank you all in advance for your kind help.
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