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Hmmm, what to tell you...basically I've just gotten back into fishing this June after taking about 5 years hiatus...was busy training to race kayaks and surfskis...is great to be getting reacquainted with my fly fishing gear and of course our fish. I'm mostly a lake fisher, pretty much exclusively a chironomid fisher...I have other flies but they rarely get onto my line for long. My first trip out this year was to my favourite Merritt area lake, and there were caddis hatching...I replaced my chironomid with a caddis pupa and even a dry fly for a few minutes...after 2 or 3 casts my patience ran out so back on went the chironomid...I know, pretty sad this addiction I have.

Anyways, I'm currently developing an interest in beach fly fishing for salmon, got my first spring from the beach in August on Vancouver Island.

I've always been kinda secretive about my fishing...mostly cause I have an aversion for crowds, especially in my favourite fishing spots! But I like the way this site is organized. Seems to be a great way to learn more about this great activity enjoyed by so many of us and allows us to share our experiences with others to hopefully help improve their fishing enjoyment too.

Educating our fishing community is the best way to ensure we learn to respect our fellow fishers and our fishing environment.

Looking forward to chatting with you and maybe even meeting some of you on our waters!8)
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