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started at QA for first light, wind was already staring to blow, and not a sniff
about 10am we moved over to bell buoy, but the rollers were to much for any length of time.
by about noon the rollers were cresting and made for a tuff fish, picked up the gear after a couple dogfish.

so into Howe Sound to check out some old hot spots.

put the lines in at the ferry slip and started the troll up.
still nothing of size.

zipped over to Halkett just off Gambier, marking lots and got a fatty only 60cm :(
then nothing for the next 2 hours.

cruised over to Pt. Cowen in the early evening, and landed a sweet wild Coho.
now starting to get late, and thinking the water calmed down.(since there was no wind)

we headed back towards the bell buoy, but still rough and some wind but not nearly as bad.
fished until sundown with no hits.

long day, $95 in fuel and nothing in the box
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