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I Can't Believe Summer is Almost Over!

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Richie, and a friend from Portland, Oregon, David, headed up to a small hike-in lake off of Highway 33 near Kelowna for an evening fish. Although the skies were clear, with the occasional cloud wafting by, the temperature at this lake, at an elevation of about 1450 metres, was pretty chilly. Actually, no, it was damn cold!! When we got to the lake however, it was flat calm. The water temperature was 55 degrees. It was a slow night, but we did manage a couple of decent sized rainbows, one taken on an olive green half-back nymph and one on a burnt orange scud with legs.

Both were on intermediate sinking lines in about 20-25 feet of water. We pumped the stomach on the fish we decided to keep and it was full of half digested shrimp. This lake is not stocked and is stream feed from another lake in the area so the trout are as wild as you can get. They fight hard with long runs and spectacular jumps. As we came in around 8:15 p.m., we noticed quite a few fish rising in tight to the shore so David thought he’g try fly fishing from shore and well, first cast and he was up the tree looking for his favorite fly.
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Nice pics , Im glad summer is over fishing is just starting for me
Nice report, thanks for sharing! Yes, it is hard to believe summer is over but with the weather BC had this year, it wasn't much of a summer anyways. ;) Maybe a long Indian summer will kick in and make all you Interior boys and girls happy! :beerchug:

:cheers: Rick
one can only hope :p :beerchug:
Nice report/pictures BGM!

There are some nice lakes out there that are rarely touched by fisherpeople even though it is so close to Kelowna. Keep 'em secret :)
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