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I have reasearched various methods (float, flies, etc.)

I have gone out a number of times over the past couple of years.

I've caught salmon on a number of trips, but

I still haven't caught a coho, EVER

Hell I've even successfully targeted Steelhead in small rivers not known for Steelhead.

Am I not hitting the right water, types of runs, etc?

I am out of ideas, so any tip on searching out coho holding water would be a huge help - and how long does one stay in one spot before moving on (10 casts? 20?)

I've got the gear, I've got the patience, but no luck

Thanks in advance

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hey Wookie

i have caught alot of Coho by fishing the water beside the springs and chum the Coho tend to sit on the outsides of them

or in front of them in the run but usually behind is a great place to get them for sure

have you ever tried the Chehalis in November there is so many ho's you cant miss :D

i also have a little secret wool colour that coho and steelhead love but only people that see it get to know it :D:D

tight lines


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PostPosted: Thursday 28th of September 2006 06 Post subject:
Where is a good place to get some "good quality roe"?
Depends on where you live. Gary at Riverside Fly and Tackle usually gets some good stuff, single chum eggs that you can tie up into baitsacs nicely. He usually has some spring roe.
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