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Ice Off Question

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What constitutes "ice off"? in interior lakes? does the lake have to be 100%,50% 30% clear? And also does the lake clear from the shore first or the center of the lake? Thanks BCKID :beerchug:
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Generally speaking the shore will be ice free first
Usually the ice starts melting from the shoreline very slowly. After the first 50 feet or so, the rest of the ice dissapears very quickly. It's a great time of the year to go camping and watch the ice crack up and sink. Sometimes it looks like the surface of the moon. I camped at lundbom a few years ago in late April and the lake went from 70% covered to completely clear in about 48 hours
Right at ice off can also be a very productive time to fish. :thumbup:

hows knouff lake after ice off thinking of heading down :happy:
For any lake that produces well throughout the season, as Finder said above, "ice off can also be a very productive time to fish". From ice off until turn over fish are very actively feeding. Knouff is a reasonably productive lake, so do the math and it looks to be a good lake from ice off until at least July (minus turn over).
I fish the area a few times every year for the past 15 yrs or so.If you go in april or early may,be prepared for snow.You might want to contact knouff lake resort as to when ice off is.I definately prefer June,but if you time it right...before the lake turns...it should be good.A saffer bet might be White lake,as it will have already turned and provides great chronni fishing in april.If you do decide on knouf, badger is worth a try and it is fly fishing only.
Knouff Lake May 12 2006:

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never hit a lake right at ice off, so what kind of flies would be we be throwing???
holy cra* Prof. thats alot of snow for May :eek: my dad and i went up to Logan on may long a few years back and it snowed on the way up, sure turned the fishing off until the day we left :'( How was the fishing with all that snow??
It was great on the evening before. Rowed around the lake in shorts and T-shirt and had lots of action on leeches, 4 or 5 decent fish to 2 lbs. The shot of my truck is 8:00 AM as i was packing up to leave. By the time I got to Kamloops (40 min or so) the skies were clear and ther was no evidence of rain, let alone snow.
interior weather has got to be the strangesy weather around :confused: even when its sunny out and im on the water i take a raincoat with me, just incase, cause you never know :beerchug:
If you fish anywhere in the interior on May long weekend - EXPECT SNOW!! This is the rule, not the exception.
Anyone have any tips for okanagan lakes in and around kelowna? I NEED to go out soon!!
Biggest tip: If the water is open, get out on it and fish. :thumbup: I know Swan is open at Vernon. That's about 1/2 hour from you isn't it?
T_Dogg80 said:
Anyone have any tips for okanagan lakes in and around kelowna? I NEED to go out soon!!
A fellow on another forum just reported catching a 2lb kokanee on Woods lake using a kernel of white corn.
The ice is still on Oyama, and it'll probably stick around another month or so. I've been ice-fishing up there a few times in the last month with no luck, but if you've got a snow mobile or some other mode of transport that will take you from Oyama out to Streak Lake (it's a nasty walk), the ice-fishing is usually pretty good out that way - especially with the lack of bait bans.
Oops, I just realised this is the fly fishing part of the forum.
Sorry, first-time poster.
Please disregard.
Kelowna area has been a tough winter. I drove McCullough Road to 33 a few weeks ago and lakes and area were under heavy snow. Ice is still on at Beaver,Dee etc.
I'm heading down to 5A Area today between Aspen Grove and Princeton.Ice is off on a few in the area and producing.I heard Courtney and Corbett are still iced over so I'm curious. I live in Kelowna too so I know how you feel. It is late this year all over but hit it between ice off and turn if you can time it. Fish will be that much more aggressive towards feed as it's been long for them too... Good Luck

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