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According to the latest report from Ponderosa sports in merritt, Stump is ice free and producing 4-5 pounders. Barnes, Pat(six mile) and other lakes at that or lower elevations, are free of ice and producing. Lakes at 3-3300ft elevation are showing signs of breaking up (i.e.- a thin strip of open water along one side)but the freezing level forecast for tonite is 1000 meters with snow in the forecast, rising to 1800 meters tomorrow. This is good but the long range weather trend calls for cooler than average temperatures with both Merritt and Princeton calling for -4 degree celsius overnite Sunday. Both towns sit at or below 2000ft el. so you can imagine what will be going on up in the hills. It does'nt look like it will kick into gear until months end, but stranger things have happened. I hope stranger things happen as I have the first week of May booked off to flyfish my brains out!! Could be a hit or miss proposition with many of my favorites experiencing every lake fishers nightmare............ TURNOVER!!!!! Please keep me informed of any " recent " reports as will I.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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