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If trout/salmon are hitting spoons what type of fly?

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What would you use if you notice that the trout/salmon are consistantly hitting spoons or spinners and not seem to be hitting flies?
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try something big and flashy :thumbup: like baitfish patterns perhaps. or flashy wooly buggers

sometimes the size of the lure is key also so try to have your fly somewhat the same size :thumbup:
I'll have to give it a try next time

pictures of these flies would be appreciated

you can see a Rabbit Zonker fly (baitfish imitation) or Muddler minnow if you search through the fly tying area :thumbup:
They are attractor flies. There was a great article by Phil Rowley in the last issue of BC outdoors. It is definitely worth a read.
yes yes it was :thumbup: glad i subscribed awhile back :thumbup:
This is just MHO but I believe Salmon hit spoons in a river much like steelhead as a reactionary measure more then anything else, I have tried tying flashy silver flies and never had luck with them...I think you'd be better off using rabblit strips in black and red etc.

Trout EAT while in rivers and lakes so again, IMHO it's a matter of finding out what they are eating and coming up with a fly that matches. It is what makes fly fishing such a blast..Once you learn to observe and present your fly in the proper method, you can out fish the gear guys by quite a margin!!!

I have seen flies with little propellers on them, at some point you have to ask yourself, "Am I fly fishing or using gear on a fly rod?" As stated, nothing gives me more pleasure then figuring out what they are eating and then seeing the bite really turn on...
There is no quick road to learning all of that unless your lucky enough to hook up with a seasoned pro who will pass on some of their knowledge, but then again, that's what makes it so appealing to some of us...
If your looking for a quick fix, use gear!!!
If your looking for something that can tease and amaze you your whole life...This is the drug!!!
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If you're going to flyfish for them and their hunting fry...look around in the shallows for some examples to work with...

Case in point, where I was fishing last weekend they were busting fry near shore and I was privy to a few close inspections of fry swimming all around us...some were sockeye fry, they were smaller (1 inch or so), and greenish, while some were giant chinook fry at around 2 inches and more silver in color...

Key in on size and color. Those are probably the biggest factors. Then consider that even if you don't quite have the right pattern, you can make up for it with fast retrieves and irratic movement. They'll chase it, particularly if they're in a frenzy.

As for attractor patterns, sometimes woolly buggers with a lot of flash against darker colors like greens and blacks will work well if you don't have anything more accurate...

Good luck,

good points from everyone..

another question, do rainbows in lakes feed on smaller fish or mainly insects?
Depends on the strain of rainbow and the time of year (hatches, that sort of thing).
Go to the bottom of this page http://www.gofishbc.com/specstrains.htm and download the pdf file there. It has A LOT of info on this.
Yup, Strain of fish!!!

Saw schools of chub in a lake in the interior, they used to stock with girrards ? ( I could be wrong on if this strain eat small fish ) but they are no longer in there so was no use to use fry patterns for us...

Tried fry patterns yesterday on a river on my side after catching dollies who were pigging on roe...wouldn't hit fry and didn't see any in the river...Heard the dollies were staging, waiting for the salmon..saw a few jump but nothing on the line... :'(
It all depends on the strain of trout to a certain point. Once trout reach the 3 or 4 pound size, they will still eat insects (if they are from a mainly insectivore strain), but will not ignore a bait fish or fry. Remember, big fish require big meals.
y not just use a fly with a small spinner tied on it?
Fishing for Silvers I have had the same problem. A guy fishing the same run was nailing fish after fish using a vibrax spinner but no matter what I threw at them I could not get a take. That evening I tied up a gaudy fly with a flash chenille body (over a few wraps of lead) and then tied in a large pinch of silver flashabou for an over wing. Returning to the water the next day I caught fish after fish and in fact didnt go without catching a salmon on any trip for the rest of the season. This was in the fall, and the rivers I was fishing were pretty colored up. I think using something this bright would not be as sucsessful in clear water.

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