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I’d suggest bar fishing on the Fraser. Needed is a bar rig (cheap) and sufficient weight to cast out a fair distance. There’s bars all up the river (Patello bridge is one) and there are books on bar fishing at your library. Best reel for this is a spinning reel loaded with 15 lb. test monofilament. Best bait is worms or cured salmon roe. Its lots of fun.

You will need a rod support and they’re cheap but if you want to save a few dollars you can have mine. I don’t do much bar fishing since I bought my boat. Give me a call at 604-536-7402 in White Rock and the support is yours.

If you’re new at fishing there’s some things you must do to make it more enjoyable. Get a good tackle box (say from Canadian Tire) and a good rod cover. And, remember this, ask ask and ask fishers about bait and tackle: funny thing about good fishers – they’re good teachers. That’s been my experience in more than 65 years of fishing (I started at five).

Biggest problem I see you facing is getting to locations. You’re going to walk a lot if you can’t get a ride. See if there’s someone who fishes the bars on this site and cadge a lift. If you’re comfortable hitchhiking do that. If your parents can take you places, wheedle them into it.

Bar fishing is a lot of fun: pack a lunch and spend the day fishing. Guaranteed you’ll meet some good folks and you’ll learn a lot.


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