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I decided to take the wife for a nice trip up Indian Arm last night. Water was calm and the breeze cool, she was enjoying the trip while in the back of my mind was Pinks! I decided to put up the river a ways and MAN, is there ever a lot of seals up there! I tossed around the 6wt for a while but it was hopeless. The seals had the fish spooked beyond belief. Every now and then you would hear a thrashing on the shoreline while the seal would chase down its would be dinner.

I made my way closer to the shoreline and low and behold....the pinks are running right up the shallow water to try and get away form the damn seals. Sure was some nice scenery up there, we also saw a young black bear trying for some dinner as well. Still didn't see a whole lot of fish in the river, none out at the mouth. Only the splashing of seals was to be heard.

Might be worth the trip to hike up a little ways away from the seals for some action. Saw a few nice spots to fish in the salt on the way up but then I remembered about the rockfish conservation areas (which it was right in the middle of). Unforunately most of my pctures didn't turn out.
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