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Here is an article from our local paper, I thought some might like to read!


Skeptical about plan

Editor, Sir;
The economic development manager in Old Massett announced three meetings, last week, to discuss a plan to borrow $2.5 million against Old Massett's $3.3 million parity fund. The plan? Bring a boat from California, carrying 150 tons of iron-rich red dust from Ohio and Baltimore, and dump it into the Haida eddy. This supposedly creates more plankton, which is supposed to reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The carbon credits could then be sold to Europe's industries.

Only 13 people showed up for the first meeting. This plan was in the works for years, the financing was discussed with the credit union for five months, only then did they decide to ask the people if they would approve the loan, then expected them to make the decision in days, to meet the credit union's deadline for loan approval!

This smacks of large-scale disrespect for the Haidas and all islands people! There was no scientific data presented to support the plan and no DFO or environmental authorities to endorse the safety and legal aspects. No members of the other communities were present.

At the second meeting, attended by 23 people, it slipped out that some of the councillors had signed a BCR agreement on behalf of the people. Another clear display of disrespect! There are numerous articles on Russ George, the mastermind behind this get-rich-quick carbon credit scheme, but none of it was presented because they show that science not only doesn't back his theory, they also have numerous concerns about the harmful and even devastating effects to our marine life. It could even contribute to global warming, instead of reducing it.

Scare tactics were used instead to convince our people that this plan was their only hope for salvation, after years of our leaders abusing the money intended for the reserve and not providing jobs. All the blame was put on Indian Affairs, DFO and the Ministry of Forests for the sorry state of the reserve.

The people asked for more meetings and more time to think about it, so the deadline was extended by one week. At the third meeting, attended by 36 people, there was still no evidence provided to support the claim that this was a solid plan, no answers to our questions. Only promises of so many jobs that all the 1,500 off-reserve Indians would be able to return when the money from this experiment starts rolling in.

It was good to see some of our people asking questions and not accepting something as gospel truth. I hope they continue to ask questions and do research instead of gambling with the safety of our ocean, on the word of somebody who has let them down, so many times! Anybody who depends on the ocean should have been informed and allowed to participate in well-informed discussions, with evidence showing the pros and cons of such a risky venture! One scientist said something to the effect, "we only have one ocean, if it turns out to be a disaster, there's no turning back - no second chance!"
P.S. For more info, check out computer sites: Alfred Wegener Institute, Planktos Science, Russ George, iron fertilization.

Gloria Tauber

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If you want to know about global warming follow the money.

What a crazy proposal. I have heard of this idea before but only in realtion to aneimic (sp. iron deficiant) sea in the southern hemisphere where there is no land to blow iron rich soil into it. It has been proposed that dumping iron ore there could promote planton growth and make the Antartic Ocean a carbon sink. But the Northern Pacific? The Northern Pacific is pack full of nuitrents. The educated guess would easily say water tempurature and sunlight that are the limiting factors for growth in the Northern Pacific and not aneimia (SP!).

This one of those scratch your head things... like the fact that in this time of 'climatic catastofy' that all goverment must act upon and support green engery making a coal fired power plant is cheaper to make in the US than any green energy source due to government subsidies (SP!). Makes you wonder if climate change is real or a new comodity exchange for CO2 for the rich to gamble on. Especially, when you consider how quickly we got to war for Europes oil in Libya.

Crazy... possibly. Have fun, Jason
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