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Hit the Ved on Friday and only hooked a pink
was joined by a class of school kids
so i moved
seen some guys with a nice hatch Coho and a few jacks
lots of risers\jumpers but no biters for me
i Got Tuesday off and
want to hit the water
1. any report on the water clarity ???
2. is it worth the drive in the morning ???
3. anyone else heading out there
4. Has anyone tried bait other than roe ???

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Is it worth it? It's always worth it man! Don't be afraid of a little dirty water or high flow. The good fishermen always find ways to hook fish no matter what the conditions. Don't rely on others to make the decision for you, just get out there and do it for yourself, if not stay home and leave the fish to be had for us.

Good luck with the choice. Oh yeah nice roe would help.
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