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Is this a Coho?

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No, it would be a spring.

Here is a great thread regarding the identification of species of salmon.


It is very important that we all become aware of the fish we intend upon harvesting. Cruise thru the thread and familiarize yourself with the differences between them, so that you can benefit by your gained knowledge in the long run. If you have any more questions after viewing the thread, just ask! Better to ask and learn, like you did, than be wrong.

It is very important to learn to identify the species before harvesting your catch.

Thanks HOOk :) I appreciate the advice on fish ID etc but the story behind this is a little interesting. Firstly I am Catch and Release only! always have always will be! Some of you guys may find that a little strange but whatever ;)
I was fishing an undisclosed river yesterday and plundering some very large chum on a frequent basis when I heard a splash behind me and looked around to find the fish in question out of the water on the grass ??? I took a quick pic of it and grabbed it to return to the river. It took 15 minutes of coaxing for the fish to have enough strength to swim strongly away. I think he was trying his damdest to get past all the chum and head upstream.
Now that we have recommended a great thread for identifying our catch, I think this thread can safely be locked.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
Not open for further replies.