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Island lake (Big ok)

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im sure someone here has fished this lake! any imfo, as im headin there on the 23rd. Ive heard the sedge hatch is awesome! :thumbup:
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From what i've herd about this lake from locals was the fish have been caught so many times , being a catch and release lake, the fish have not that good of a fight when hooked! Don't shoot the messenger thats just word on the street! ;D

Island lake's popularity has grown big time over the past few years. It tends to give up big fish, so it gets worked over pretty good. In turn it can be a moody lake to fish as well. I haven't been up that way durring the traveler sedge show, but I've been told it can be deadly if you time it right.

Finder ;)
thats what ive heard finder, and i hope we have timed it right!! im sure are lines are gonna be tight!!

I fish it atleast once a year. Have been fishing it for about 15 years. Its a good lake but it can be moody. I have had days where I have caught 7-10 fish but I have also had days where I have been skunked. Their are some big fish in there you just have to put in your time. I dont know who told you they dont fight well because they are awesome fighters. They have taken me into my backing on numerous occasions.

Calling lake is just past Island. It produces smaller fish but the fish are not so tight lipped.
thanks for the imfo guys, leavin tommorrow and i ll report when i get back after the july long. :thumbup: :beerchug:
fished island from the 23rd to july 30 and what can i say the fishing was awesome!!!! 10 fish plus everyday and all were fooled on the the trusty sedge! sedges were on the hatch and our timing couldn't have been better. mayflies were also working, tom thumbs, i found anything tied with alot of deer hair and sits high on the surface, you'll be into fish. very cold the first couple of days, even had snow the first night, good thing i packed fleece and wooleys!! turned out to be sunny and warm for the latter part of the trip and thats what will turn a sedge hatch. its simply an amazing sight rolling out a large size 6-8 fly and watching right before your eyes, SPLASH!! fish on!! most fish averaging 3lbs, my biggest was 6lb!! a guy i was fishin beside fooled a nice 8-9 lber!! he kept breakin off with it and it kept slammin his offering!! i missed tons of fish too!! amazing place cant wait till next year!!! next lake for some more sedge action will be hihume!! :thumbup:

tight lines
Great report! Thanks james! :cheers:

Finder ;)
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