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Islander Steelheader (Possible problem??)

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I am pleased to announce i am a proud owner of a new islander steelheader!! ;D 8) ;D, but after I had taken it out of the box to spin it, i noticed there was a slight wobble. Now im not any expert when it comes to centerpin reels as this is my first, but from what i have heard about these reels they are supposed to be perfect? The wobble is not very big at all, but still noticable. When i flick the reel hard to spin it, it will go for about 55-60 seconds. I read centerpin reels go for 1-3 minutes, but i dont know what the average spin time on a Islander steelheader is. Is that about normal? Is it worth exchanging it or what. After all, i will have it for a very long time and i want it to be perfect.

Also, because this is my first centerpin reel should i get a centerpin rod. What kind if so. And... what is the best way to learn to use a centerpin reel? ???:-\ Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

-Cap Mano-
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Hey cap great selection on your reel.I am also a proud owner of the Canadian made reel.I have one of the original searun models plus the one you have and no problems.I would just exchange it for another one there will be no questions asked ;D As for a rod I would try and get a original sage 2106lb or 3113lb if you can't find those.they are hard to find now.The new sage 3113lb is a great rod ;) cheers
i would exchange it for a new one shouldn't have any issues with that :) as for the rod, sage 2106,3106 or the 3113 are great rods trying to find a brown blank will be hard as noone what's to give them up.There are Gloomis rods as well like the 1363,1264 and the 1263 they come in at a cheaper rate than the sages and are also life time warranty both companys make great rods.I own a Gloomis 1264 and it's rated for 8-12lbs and i love it i also own a sage 3113 green blank and i find that it seems to be a bit more sensitive than my loomis.If $$$ are the issue at first then a trophy xl center pin rod are a good bang for the buck,they have a true pin rod called the Royal about $100 cheaper than the starting price of a loomis or there's a trophy mooching rod that eveyones uses as a pin rod they start at $99 and are also good :)
Congratulations on aquiring an Islander Steelheader. I'm on my 3rd one (one previous one stolen from a vehicle and one currently out of the country with a friend.

I live just around the corner from the manufacturing plant. They have been great to me on any warranty issues ( usually a spun bearing from a big fish), even providing a loaner . If your Islander wobbles, take it back.

I've tried a number of rods with my Islander and find that it performs well with most standard steelhead rods . It really shines when yo get into an 11 ft or 11ft 6in rod. That said, I now fish it with an 11ft 6 in Temple Fork Outfitters drift rod. TFO built the rod with a sage blank. It's very sensitive in the tip and has a ton of power through the butt.I hope you enjoy it.
I've been running an Islander CP for a few years now. Great, no actually a Fantastic reel, and I very much enjoy having aquired one!

These are a rather simple design, and as such, there isn't all that much that can go wrong with them. If the reel has a wobble you can see as described, simply exchange it as those above have suggested. there will be no questions, these Folks are VERY good about backing their products!!

As Sanderson suggested, clean the new reel well. I've found they run best on sewing machine (high grade light) oil ;)
Inexpensive, and available at pretty well any sewing shop.
Dunno just how long mine will spin with that stuff on it. Always wander off before it stops! Likely 3 or 4 minutes I'd guess...

I run a "Rogue" 12 foot custom CP rod with the Islander. FYI: Gary Loomis' nephew moved over to Rogue a couple years ago, and entirely revamped their line after doing so. Quality is right up there with Loomis, and is generally a tad easier on the wallet. Love mine! It is actually their 12 foot butt section (standard drift rod) with an 8 weight salt-water fly rod tip. Fantastic backbone, yet the tip is incredibely sensitive. Wouldn't hesitate to reccomend that to anyone!

Learning to cast the CP will likely be an "interesting" experience ;D When I went through that learning curve, I read as much as I could get my hands on, visited a LOT of websites, then went to a VERY secluded location on the river to try it. Man! I seriously thought there was either something wrong with the reel, or perhaps me! Remember being damn happy none of the Ladz were around to watch, and laugh at the fine performance I put on! Eventually I started getting the hang of it, and then set out with a very experienced Buddy to give it a serious whirl. Likely learned as much or more from simply watching a "Pro", then mimicking that than I did from the info search and initial attempts. Practise is of course the key! 'Tis now a rather rare day I take anything else to the flow! Here's a few pointers to get you started:

Have FUN with the new toy! You're gonna Love it methinks!!

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thank you everyone for the great advice, you have been a great help. ;D
Cap Mano,

Congrats on your new reel ;) U lucky [email protected][email protected], as for rod how much are you looking at spending? As yes a Sage if you can swing it is one of the best (hold it is the best Pin rod out there). Any 2106B 3113 or a 3106 would do you fine since I know what flow you fish on 8)

Eh if you need a hand with casting give me a PM and I will be more then willing to help you out.

If you can not afford a sage. Look at the Trophy XL Royale rods I hear they are quite nice and are half the price of a sage.
Cap Mano,

or if you cant afford a sage you can get what i got for my new pin reel i picked up an 11'3" 3 weight from Temple Fork its on a G loomis blank not a sage apparently (not sure about that) it works great lots of sensitivity for drifting and backbone for those fights

first fish i took on it (learning day) was a 45 lb white it help up no problem

it was 189.99 at Amry&Navy i got it in September

tight lines

My dad also picked that rod up. Sure is a nice rod. They are also available at stevston marine, and reaction off whatcom road. definitally a good rod.
Ok, so consensus seems to be on the 3113lb, but for the rest of us paw foke, anyone had any success with Rainshadow's blanks such as the XST1264F... brand new modulus and a couple hundred cheaper than a sage...
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