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So, I got up early to ready myself for the day's fishing. Made my cup of coffee and was a little slow getting my stuff together. Oh well, no worries. I have lots of time to get where I want to go and I am not worried about people. I finish my coffee and toast and go to load up the truck. Notice it is cold out and there is a little slush on the windshield. Hmmn.

Well, hit the road at just before 6:00 and start driving out towards my destination. I now notice that at home, there was no snow but now that I am on the road, there is quite a bit coming down, it is getting heavier, and it is starting to stick. Do I still head for my destination??? I come to a fork in the road and change my mind. Rather than go to my original destination and risk it, I opt for a different system where conditions should be safer. The only problem now is it will take longer to get there and the day will have broken by the time I arrive.

Start driving along the river and find the road is covered in snow. A few vehicles have faired poorly and are off the road. I notice the guy in front of me is sliding a lot as well. I stop and put it into 4WD to be safe. As I drive along, I notice there are not a lot of vehicles out which is a good sign.

I reach my first destination to find a truck there before me, but nobody around fishing. Get my gear on and look around. Head to my first run of the day. The snow tells me nobody has been there before me, which is a good sign. :) I make some casts and work my way down the run using a blade, gooey-bob, and the rubber worm. Nothing much happening. Head back to the truck and head a short drive back down river. Get out and head for a large pool I have not fished yet this year. Once again, no footprints! :D. I work the run with my usual assortment of goodies. Nothing really happening. Another guy comes for a visit. After a few quick words, I learned he is from the Interior and is a member on this site, but I forgot the name he goes by! :-[ (have been informed it was Tuberdude :))We chat for a bit and I decide to move on. I head down river where I can fish a number of small runs and rapids. As I am heading down, I have a quick take with the gooey-bob. I am momentarily excited, but the tension at the end of the line is short-lived and whatever it was is gone :(. Nothing more from this area of the river, so I make my way back up and out of this section with a blade, but to no avail.

I get into the truck and head back up river. I come to an area which tends to be one of my favorite areas to fish, to find not a vehicle in sight :D. I get out and work my way down to the river. I start at a nice run, to find nothing is happening. I work my way down river. I look at my watch and realize my time is running short. I had made another commitment for in the afternoon, so was only going to allow myself to fish to 11:00. It was now about 10:30. So, seeing time was of an essence, I decided to work my way down through the runs with a blade and a gooey-bob, then come back up and hit these runs with a rubber worm on the way out. Very quickly, I was rewarded with a small wild rainbow of about 14 inches. I though it was much bigger as I had a bit of a time bringing it out of the pool on the far side and across the rapids. Was a nice fish and I was hoping, a good sign of things to come. ::)

I worked my way down and nothing more. I wanted to head down further, but a look at my watch said no. So, I switched to a rubber worm and began to make my way back up river. The sun was starting to come out and the snow was falling. It was beautiful out and I knew my day was coming to an end. So I stopped to take out my camera and put it on auto with timer. I had concluded it would be an unusual day with no Steelhead, so I clicked a few shots of myself fishing, for the conditions and scenery were great. I came to my last run and looked at my watch. It was 11:00. I looked at the run and said to myself "OK, this is it. 5 more casts for the road. I started on the far side and began to work my casts back across the run towards myself.

Well, it was my 5th and final cast. I placed my cast along a seam where the current was changing up. I watched my float drifting down when towards the tailout. As it neared the end of the run, I felt a sharp jar and the float disappeared. Immediately, I set the hook and could see flashes of silver and white as the fish thrashed and rolled as it tried to free itself. It then settled down and tried to hold in it's original lay for a few moments. Then, it went for a good run and headed for the far bank and the big water. I was able to gently slow the fish down, but then, it decided to turn sideways and use the current to help itself head down river and leave the run. Now I was in a dillema. There were two trees lying in the river, one from each bank with a slot in the middle of the river the fish could go through. As I was working the fish slowly down the run, I was trying to decide wether to run him through this slot, or try to hold him. Unfortunately (or fortunately???), by applying tension and slowing the fish down, the Steelhead had been slowly worked back across the run towards me. The only bad thing was I now realized he was no longer going to be able to go through the slot, but was working his way towards the downed tree!!! :eek: I applied a bit more pressure and was able to slow him down. I began to worry, as he was now up against the downed tree and thrashing about. Not great, but if he worked his way down the tree about another five feet, he would run into the large branch sticking out and I would be done :(. Thankfully, by touching the tree and the shallow rocks, I guess he panicked. He shot out from this hazardous area and began to make his way back upstream and into the run again. He was now also pretty tired. A few quick weak runs and I was finally able to guide him into the shallows where I could tail him. There he rested while I set the camera onto a rock. A couple of quick shots like this one:
then he was on his way :)

I looked at my watch and realized it was now 11:10. I was later than I planned. On well, I was successful. With that, I folded up my rod and headed out. How often can you say you literally got a fish on your last cast of the day??? ;D

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but I forgot the name he goes by! (have been informed it was Tuberdude
Don't be messin' with us Interior guys! I wish I was there with him!

Nice fish Dan. The photo really is the best part. The last time I tried taking a picture of my fish on a river by myself was on the Thompson and that camera is now....gone!
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