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Jackpine and Browne Lake

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The Greasy Chum, his better half, Richie Rich and I fished Jackpine Lake on Friday evening. What a beautiful, warm, calm evening. There were a half dozen anglers on the water. Richie and I caught 3 (two decent ones) on a Red Spratley on an intermediate sinking line in 3 hours of fishing. I had three other hits - one agressive on a tiny hot shot plug that looks like a frog and the other two on a small greenish 52 Buick. For Jackpine, the fishing was slow but you know what they say.....any day fishing is....better than.........(insert your choice of words here). Chum and his better half only managed two subtle takes but no fish to their boat which is odd. Chum usually out fishes everyone on that pond.

On Saturday I made an attempt to fish Browne but my five year old daughter got her line caught in my trolling motor prop and when I took it off to untangle the line, the pin that holds the prop to the shaft fell in the water. END of fishing. It was an interesting paddle back to the boat launch with my 66 year old mother at the bow and very strong winds. Aaarrgh. Would have been a great day too. The oldtimer who just got in when I launched was cleaning four very nice 18 plus inchers. For a long weekend, Browne Lake Rec site was not busy at all. Could have been the weather.
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The Greasy Chum and I fished Jackpine for the first time this year from 5:00 to 9:00 pm on Friday night. The skies were blue, the temperature warm, and the winds were calm. There were two other boats on the water and the campground was empty. We tried black and brown chironomids at first and had a couple of bites. We then tried some deer hair with green/blue flash scuds and had some more bites but no actual hookups. We then switched to a Mayfly emerger on a floating line on my rod and a Tom Thumb on The Greasy Chum's rod. From 6:00 to 7:00 pm we had over 30 bites but nothing would stick. The fish were not hitting the flies hard. Then at 7:30 pm all hell broke lose and we could not keep the fish off our lines. Chum landed 7 and I landed 5, including the one in the photo which measured 19 inches. Most of the fish were 15-16 inches.

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It was a beauty of a night. Short sleeves right until dark without getting chilled. Had a bit of drink to stay toasty though :drunk:

Can't wait to get out there again, once all this rain stops...I am sure you readers on the coast would get a kick out of an Okanagan comment like that... :p
Nice Avatar Chum. :-\
Nice work BGM! With days like that we may not see you out this way anytime soon eh...? ;)

Sounds like a great time!
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