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I decided to hit James Lake on Sunday to try out my new Super Cat (http://www.supercat.us/) pontoon boat. It sure performed well. It has virtually no wind resistance and weighs only 12 pounds, which makes it very easy to pack and move around. It is also very comfortable because your upper body is out of the water and the angle of the backrest adjustable to any degree. It is also easy to cast or troll from. It also has lots of storage and with the rod holders everything stays organized. Oh yeah, about the fishing. Using a black micro leech on a sinking line, I hooked 6 fish and landed four in about 3 hours. None of the fish were very big but they were fiesty. The weather was interesting. Rain, sun, hail and lightning but very little wind. There were six aluminum boats, 3 other pontooners, a couple of canoes, and 4 bank anglers fishing and all were catching fish at one time or another. A funny moment happened during the electrical storm. His wife was yelling at him, telling him to come in before he was struck by lightning and he yelled back, "No way, I got a double header." :thumbup:
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