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January 2007 on the Vedder/Chilliwack River

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Now that the New Year has arrived, it seems the rain has tagged along...Heavy Rainfall warnings for the Fraser Valley tonight and tomorrow will bring the river up and visibility down the next few days.

Ogobogo and I will brave the elements none the less and hit the river tomorrow morning to feed our steelhead addictions once again. The rising water and decreased visibilty will hopefully get the fish on the move and maybe we'll find a fish or two for our troubles...will report upon our return.

Good luck to everyone hitting the river this month, let us know how you do.

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Have fun out there. Don't forget an extra set of cloths. It's going to be a wet one.

Finder ;)
Well, I got my fishmobile fixed and believe it or not, after golf tomorrow (rain or shine charity tournament for kids) I will, once again, be mobile. Will be hitting the Allouette on Tuesday, then head to Chilliwack on Wed. pm and fish all day Thursday/Friday. Heading to the US on the weekendfor a little action on the Skykomish tribs.
Hopefully they will not be blown.......See you guys out there.......... 8)Ortho
Rib you got 4 inches of rain in the next 24hrs good luck tomorrow buddy!

coho_killer said:
Rib you got 4 inches of rain in the next 24hrs good luck tomorrow buddy!

;D ;D ;D Go High!!! I have tomorrow off as well again, but after a crap load of time on the river over the last week and a half, and coming up empty, I could use a break. Hopefully after the river comes back into shape, there will be some fish waiting for us!! ;D
Big Steel said:
coho_killer said:
Rib you got 4 inches of rain in the next 24hrs good luck tomorrow buddy!

;D ;D ;D Go High!!! Hopefully after the river comes back into shape, there will be some fish waiting for us!! ;D
;D ;D ;D ;) Well, river's up obviously...we have a detour or two in mind if she's blown out...looking at the hydrometric data, the upper river has come up about 14 inches from the last trip up there, and the lower end is showing about 12 inches higher...and it's only going up from there! Me thinks a few hours into the trip, we'll be taking said detour, but it would be good to see first hand how the river will react to heavy rains this year with all the damage that was caused by the flood...I expect visibility will be under a foot in the upper river...time to go.

Good luck anyhow Rib. Let us know what you find and perhaps what your "detour" was!! ;D ;D
Hit the river from the new run below Allisons down to the Tolmie slide on Christmas eve and New Years eve.Came up empty both times.Ran into a couple of guys N.Y.E. that said they bonked an 8#.Yesterday I did some exploring on the upper ;just down from the limit hole ;Borden creek ;and up from the Washout.Didn't find the water I was looking for.Borden didn't look too bad,but a couple of guys were fishing it already so I didn't get a chance to fish it.That puts me at 0 for 4(5?)on the Wack so far, but its early.If it was Feb/Mar I would be worried.
well i have to say after reading all the posts for the last few months its about time i jumped in with a post of my own.....this is my first full year of fishing since i was about 12 and i am loving every minute of it....we hit the vedder on new years eve and man does the river look nice....we hit upper river behind the old jail and slesse park....my gf's dad landed a beauty 8lb steelie buck and man those fish are amazing....first one i have ever seen and it was just awesome to help him land it.....when i got my hands under the belly he gave one last burst and fell back in the river but we were lucky to still get him to shore....wish i had brought the camera!!
Welcome aboard man, thanks for the story. They are an amazing beast aren't they? Good luck in the future and hope that you get into your first. It is one thing just seeing one, it is another feeling those first headshakes and that incredible fight!! ;D
Well, it rained...a bit anyways... ;) At times it came down so hard we couldn't see...we were prepared for the weather though, and both Ogo and I stayed dry till the end. Temperature's had gone up the last couple days, and the snow line was way up, so that contributed to conditions...The river wasn't really blown out at all when we arrived, but visibilty was maybe an inch...maybe, and getting worse quick. It seems all was as expected, and the erosion, newly opened claybanks and other damage caused during the recent flood all contributed to river conditions deteriorating in a hurry...although the river may not blow out any quicker than it did before the flood, the visibilty certainly will suffer every time we get any significant amount of rain. We need a good cold spell quick, that will help.
We fished the limit hole for all of 20 minutes, and then decided to drive over to the chehalis and check it out...
When we arrived it almost seemed to be raining harder, but that's hard to believe by how hard it was coming down on the other side of the valley...Visibilty was around 6 inches when we started, but very quickly the river rose at least a few inches while we were there, and visibilty dropped down to nothing.
So we hit the pub for a beer and some lunch and discussed our options...

On the way back towards the lower mainland we checked out the norrish, allouette...both very dirty, the norrish was definitely blown, but that was no surprise...the allouette was not blown but still real dirty...

We had considered a couple of other detours to check out but chose to leave those for another day...so we checked out one other "creek" that looked more like a raging river, and called it quits for a short, but pleasant day in the valley...it will be interesting to see how long it takes for the river to come back into shape...

Not much optimism here, but the rivers will come back into shape if it gets cold quick, and the blasted rain stops coming down...I was on the vedder on new years eve day and conditions were perfect, it sure didn't take long for the river to turn on us...

Here's a pic of an unnamed detour that we ended our day with...

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Sounds like a frustrating day Rib. We've all had plenty of those outings. It always sounds worse when reading them though. I always have a good time as long as I am on a river bank. :) :)

Tight Lines, Wes Roffey
Thx Finder, any info you might have on this flow would be much appreciated...on another note, the vedder seems to be dropping quite well, does anyone have any first hand accounts of how visibilty is responding to this lull in the rains?
Hey Rib,

That looks like one floody piece of water! I'm guessing Norrish, but I really am just guessing. I've never seen that stream before.

Anyone get out today? Any clarity reports? I see the levels are down about half a meter on the web charts but did anyone actually look at it today?

I'm going out tomorrow and would appreciate any info.
hitting the river tomorrow afternoon......probably stay upper river because of the flow and color
anyone know what's the condtion of the river, thinking of heading out tommorow.
I am thinking to head out tomorrow to try my new set up ???
I ventured out for a bit today. The river is REALLY dirty, and still quite high. Up at the limit hole theres about 12-14" of vis, by Allison half that, and below Tamahi about 2"! I fished for a short time but had to get going. I hate when work interferes with fishing!!

It was raining off and on upper and lower and observed snow accumulating up higher.

No luck, and now 0 for 7 this year! I'm going to give it a couple of days now I think. The weather looks unrelenting - http://theweathernetwork.com/weather/cities/can/pages/CABC0057.htm?CABC0057#shortTerm
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