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Arrived at the river around 9:45 and there were the usual 3 or 4 guys around the crossing, but very light fishing pressure today. The road is clear right to the hatchery, but the banks along the river are a little tough to hike with all the snow...They had about a foot of snow in the River Valley and you need to be careful walking along the edges of the river in the snow.
I had the 8 wt. in hand and on arrival at my fav. spot there was one spey guy fighting a nice buck around 10-12 lbs. that swam to freedom prior to a kodak momment...Worked the run twice and during the first pass, a guy downstream landed a nice wild fish, and on the second pass a really chrome doe of 6-7 lbs. was caught from the other side of the river. Nothing for me unfortunately. Water conditions were absolutely perfect, but with the warmer weather over the next few days, this may change....So I now have 58hrs. in without a fish to the beach. :'(
.............Ortho 8)
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