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Jigging for Salmon - lower mainland

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About a month ago we spent a weekend fishing with friends in Campbell River. To my surprise I found that up there almost everyone was jigging for salmon and finding it to be much more productive than trolling.
We had 6 people fishing everyone had lots of bites, although too many of them were dogfish, the kids loved fighting them!
We truly enjoyed this kind of fishing, it gives everyone on the boat a piece of the action and it is very nice to just turn off the engine and drift without noise or smoke. Less hours on the engine means less wear AND less fuel!
Another nice bonus is that we could drop the lines right to the bottom from time to time and catch some really nice bottom fish!
I have not noticed anyone jigging here around the lower mainland, popular fishing spots such as bell buoy and Ambleside are just buzzing with boats trolling - does anyone ever try to jig? If so, did you find it productive around here? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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Enniberg Wow... I've wondered about that same topic [jigging for salmon in this Vancouver salt area] Hope someone fills us in...Seems to me jigging would be a better method to fish then trolling... Mind you I got a normal "bar rig" set up & put the two single hooks into a anchovy & put it to the bottom which was only 6ft of water. It was at a sand-bar on the Fraser R not far from Steveston & after 1.5 hrs all of a sudden the rod started bouncing & line screamed off the reel quickly ... then 5 sec. later a huge salmon surfaced about 25 yards away ...then the line just went screaming out...after 150 pulled out I tighten the drag alittle touch... 5 sec later line broke at the knot... [maybe had fish on total 30 sec. this happened about 6 wks ago] ps was at SANDHEADS today at about 3:30 & the water was so so calm... [high tide no wind & hot sun!!!] Mind you another boater was there at 10 am & he said it was quite rough at that time. :peace:
Driff fishing with zzingers and other jigs is the most fun way to fish for salmon, in oppinion. However, Vancouver doesn't have any spots that are really conducive to drift fishing. The salmon are moving too much and not really concenterated in one spot, which is what you need to be effective drift fishing. I think in the winter there maybe some good areas to try in English Bay but you gotta find the bait first. I caught coho at the Cap years ago on zzinger. I would love to try taking a drift for white springs there but the hunderd others trolling would take offence. The exeption is when the pinks are running, then cast where ever they jump.

The Gulf Island have some good spots. Especially the Flat Top Is and around Thrasher Rock. A round Comox has some of the best areas for drift fishing and that's where the Buzz Bomb and Zzinger were invented. I also really like some of the place on the Sunshine Coast like Beirres Shoals, the rock off Quarry Bay, the kelp beds off Savery, of course all those places are now not so good.

The bests tips for drift fish: 1. Always drop the lure on a slack line. Its best to use a reel that you have some feel of the line going out such as an old mooching reel or level wind so you can tell the speed the lines going out. Spinning reel aren't as good for that. 2. Be preparded to hook a fish the second you hit bottom or what you think is bottom. Salmon almost alway hit on the drop. Sometime they swim with it so if the line slow or stop or runs out more than it should for that depth, or move strangely set the hook. 3. Only jig a few times or until the line is about 60 degree then reel up and drop agian. Seriously if there is a salmon there it'll hit with in the first few jigs. 4. Move if your not catching fish. Never do a thousand drifts of the same area. If salmon are there you'll catch them the first coupld drift. 5. Fish the windward shore. Plankon with bait following it get push on to windward shores. 6. If its windy use a heavy spinning rod an cast the direction of the drift to about the disance that the bottom is at.

As for lures, I pretty much only use 2 1/2 oz Zzinger with the white body and dark back, pearl blue being my favorite for sping and coho. With that you can easily fish to 120'. I find glow ones and the other gotty colours don't work well for spring and coho. Some like small pink ones for pinks but they take pearl blue just as often.

Have fun, Jason
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bigjay thanks for the info...[wow] Hey Enniberg we're going to have to buy some Zzinger lures
bigjay, thank you very much for taking time to write a fantastic post on this topic!! I know that they were using zzingers a lot in Campbell River. They were also using a norwegian lure that I cannot quite remember the name of - something with "silda" I think :confused:
Whether it works around here or not, I'm not sure, but we will definitely give it a try in the next little while - my 8 year old says trolling is no fun, he wants to jig!
How about bottom fish - are there any decent spots for that aound here (ling, rock fish)? Can they be retained? Have to check the regulations on that I guess.
jigging of the mouth the mouth of the cap, gower point, and salmon rock can be productive
The "silda" lure you were looking for is a Stingsilda.
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