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Jones Lake

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Well, I unfortunately didn't have enough time to find my first steelie this year, sooo, I have decided to make a trip to do some lake fishing.
Anyone with info on Jones lake or hot baits/lures/flies. I will be there all weekend so it should be a nice trip either way. Depths to fish? I do not have a fishfinder, just the old fashioned way!
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Thanks finder, I should have known to "search" first and ask questions after :)

Good info.
Was going to fish Jones myself two years ago.
I stopped at Chilliwack Dart & tackle and had a chat with Fred.
He strongly reccommended a little shaver from Hildebrandt ( gold blade very small )

Well the weekend was a bust for fishing as it was peeing rain.
Spent the whole weekend brinking deer and getting fhitsaced!!!

But I will tell you I have never hit so many fish with a lure before, have since used it for rainbows & Cutties.
A buddy even hit a wild Coho on one in the Harrison river while we were trolling for Cutthroat.

Good luck eh!
This time of year the water is really low and can make launching a boat difficult. Best bet is a tube/toon or cartopper unless you like getting stuck in the mud :p .Stick around the inflow creeks and work the drop offs, floating line with longish 12ft leader or sinktip.Stickleback imitations seems to work the best for cutthroat. Thinking of heading out that way sometime soon, maybe we'll see you on the water :wink:


I'll be launching a 12fter from the campsite that I know of. Trolling will be my #1 but I am also hoping to try out the fly rod. The only problem with the fly is that my only rod is an 8wt with a full sinking line and no money to get a new rod. I was thinking of trolling the fly rod for a while as well.

As for trolling, I was thinking of mixing it up between wedding bands, spoons, spinners, flatfish etc. I might also try a swinmbait or two.

I will be up there friday afternoon and will report upon my return.
I hear ya Trav, if the pots and pans aren't producing you could try a woolly bugger trolled on you spin caster :wink:

Good luck

Hey, does anyone know what the snow level is up there? My trucj won't have a problem but I would like to know what to expect as I will be up there all weekend!
If the water's super low then you may have to drive down the road away's formt he camp site to launch.

Finder :wink:
The water is really low right now, just spent an amazing say on the water up at jones, hooked into a couple cutty's under the 16" limit, but my buddy took home a beauty 23" Char...I wish I knew how to upload pics, because this fish was real nice....really nice lake and hope to get up there again soon....
Hey Believer....You can go to Photobucket.com and start a free account, upload your pics to that site then copy and paste the URL address that shows up beneath your pic on photobucket into your post here on bcfr...Just click on the "Img" tab in your post, paste in the url address, and then click the Img tab again, and the pic will be here for all to see....soundes like a great day...be great to see some pics,
nice report,
Well I didn't have any luck up there. We showed up friday night and I spent about an hour trolling with no luck. Then things got bad, we were supposed to camp for the weekend but we barely made it past friday night. The temp must have dropped to -5 or lower. Needless to say we didn't stay the extra night. But I did get about 2 hours of trolling in on saturday before we left but again, no luck for me. I might head back up there next sunday with a buddy whoo will actually fish instead of complain :x
theres a 16 inch limit in jones lake?nothing smaller?hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Well made it out to the lake on Sunday 8)

Walked down to the lake to have a look what do I see :?: :shock:

A force fin sitting in the lake,hmm that looks familiar I wonder how it got there :oops: :roll: :lol: Dug it out of the muck and looked around a bit but couldnt find its partner :x

Day started off slow but we are able to hook a couple feisty rainbows.

My friend who was fishing on the other side of the lake starts yelling and claims hes hooked a monster bow but no one is around to witness this event :lol: :wink:
Was an awesome day to be fishing and to get my buddy into his first fish on the fly :mrgreen:

Gotta love stillwaters in the spring 8)


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Great report RC...lovin the pics....we need more reports with pics me thinks! :D :lol:
Well made it up to Jones again yesterday, and fished the east side for abour 3 hours and hooked into one small bow and a small cutty, then at about 5 the wind just picked up real bad creating real nice whitecaps and we had to call it a day, still hoping to get the pics up from Saturday....
Heres the pic of my buddies nice one!!!

and my real small cutty

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what the heck is a force fin??? Looked at the picture but not sure what I'm suppose to be looking at.
It goes on your foot...you propel yourself through the water with it...it's hard to see at first, but after a bit, you can make it out... :)
Nice fish Believer....beautiful lake!
Looked at the picture but not sure what I'm suppose to be looking at
Roscoe, last year I forgot my fins at the lake. Just thought it was funny that I come back a year later when the water had dropped and there it was sitting in the bottom of the lake. Well funny now, not so funny when I realized I left them behind. :oops: :( .I am surpised at how well it help up under water and ice all year, still works great.

Believer, thats a nice Cutthroat your friend landed :shock: Maybe we'll see you out there one of these days 8)

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