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Fishing report for Ucluelet and Barkley Sound, B.C.

Salmon Fishing Report:
Wow. Want to spend your day playing large Chinooks? Well, then come to Ucluelet! Fishing here this summer continues to impress us, especially since the larger Chinooks have arrived in force! Though we don’t fish after we get our limit, it'd be possible to catch fish all day! I bet we could pull in more than 50 fish between 15-35 lbs in a day! Yes, fishing is that good. Chinook fishing is good on all the banks right now, but the bigger fish in our area have been running at Southwest Corner as well as Big Bank. We have been using plugs, large Tomic spoons, Lure Jensen spoons, hutchies and smaller coyote spoons. What ever type you choose, you should catch lots of Chinook. Coho are mostly at Big Bank, but we are getting a few at Southwest Corner, Southbank and Great Bear.

Halibut Fishing Report:
Halibut fishing has been very good at Big Bank. If you are trolling for halibut, the great thing is that you will get salmon as well. Bottom bouncing at the Wreck is an option if you are fishing Salmon at Southwest Corner. We have been trolling glow hutchies and spoons and bottom bouncing Berkley Power bait.

Salmon and Halibut Report written by Sam Vandervalk of Salmon Eye Charters.
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