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Salmon Fishing

Ucluelet Offshore:

Salmon fishing continues to impress us. The hottest area continues to be South Bank where we are getting consistent double headers. Where most places are best fishing early in the morning, South Bank is producing consistently all day. Most of the Chinook here are 5-15 pounds with the odd one over 20. Sand lance and Needlefish seem to be the biggest draw for the salmon here, so 4-5 inch Coyote spoons should work well for you. There are a large variety of Hutchies are that are also working well.

Big Bank has had a few good days for salmon, but is not having near the success of South Bank. Most of the Chinook caught here have been caught very close to the bottom. When heading across the bank, keep an eye out for birds as this can mark feeding activity by salmon below.

Barclay Sound

I can say only good things about fishing in Barclay Sound this year. We have had some very good fishing for larger Chinook here with quite a few 20-30lb Chinook being taken. For the past few years, fishing here has been hit and miss, but this year fishing seems to be very consistent. Again, I would attribute this to Sand lance and Needlefish which have returned to the shallower waters because of the colder temperatures. Needlefish hutchies and 4 inch coyote spoons work well if using artificial bait. Watch for birds on the surface as well as balls of bait close to the bottom on your fish finder.

Halibut Fishing

Halibut fishing has been consistent—but not quite as fast as it can be. Most of the time we are getting our limits, but they are not biting every minute like can happen when fishing is good. Right now we are catching halibut mostly by trolling glow spoons or hutchies near the bottom. Big Bank is usually the place of choice.

If you want to see more pics just visit the site.
Thanks, Sam Vandervalk
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