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I've enjoyed reading all your accounts and experiences. (well, the ones I can get at) Your knowledge base is astounding. But your fishing style is way above mine.

I started Coho fishing around 1992. In the bottom of the Vedder - Sumas in Sept with spinners and moved over to the Dewdney slough in mid Oct thru Nov. with Croc's. Preferred the quiet,.. fewer people, and enjoyed the walks in. Averaged about 14 to 24 trips per three months with at least 2 hours fishing each time. Got 8 Coho in '94, 5 in '95, 3 in '96, 3 in '97, 1 in '98. Around then it went to clipped fish and I bowed out.

Started again last year. Out 11 times, No hits. I must be a fool. Enjoyed the fresh air. Checked with tackle shop fellow who said I did it all right. Only I must have much lower expectations than the 90's. This year out about a dozen times and brought my cousin along and taught him my skills. (cast it out, wind it in, wipe your nose), sharp hooks, no nicks in the line, etc. I kept a Pink (couldn't back in the 90's?) and got one small Coho. Cous' landed his first Coho, nice crome, wild, and put it back.

At the Chilliwack River Hatchery I found these more recent figures.

Adult returns to the hatchery for the past five years.
2006 2005 2004 2003 2002
Summer Red Chinook 619 620 682 1,460 435
Fall White Chinook 7,905 2,801 2,314 839 4,624
Coho 8,311 7,360 22,720 36,888 52,499
Chum 3,791 1,923 9,560 4,013 15,755

Are these numbers anything like the 90's?
What would this years numbers look like?
Should I still be going to the Dewdey slough now?

Next year I'm hoping to get out of the sloughs and go short floating with level wind and waders. I'll be reading all I can from you guys. Thanks for your time.


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I don`t know what the numbers were this year but I think this years run must have been one of the best run in years. The last several years the runs definately isn`t any near the size it was in the 90s. I believe it was around the late 90s that the coho stock collapsed.

I have never fished the slough but I have seen bright cohos caught in late november and early september on the Veddar.

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deepskydarrell said:
I've enjoyed reading all your accounts and experiences. (well, the ones I can get at) Your knowledge base is astounding. But your fishing style is way above mine.........................................
A persons skill level could be above yours but one style is not above another. Level winds and centrepins are maybe better TOOLS for float fishing at times but a spin setup is capable of getin' er' done.The rivers can be more intimidating than the quieter waters your use to fishing but solitude(and fish) can be found. Just remember your kind of playing catch-up for those eight or so years of skill you missed out on.Yikes!!! I can't hang my rod up for eight days with out going squirrely!!! :happy:
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