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Just one of those days

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First trip to the chuck in a while for salmon, spent probably 6+ hours in the lasts week gettin the boat all tickity boo. First off a downrigger had no power, ended up being a poor ring terminal connection, even though I scoured all the terminals to rid of the oxidation in advance, no biggie, got er goin quick. Then the one iffy looking kink in my dr cable broke while running out to the hole, thats ok, the ball was in the boat anyways. But, the run out there made the wire come all loose and made a distaster of a tangle around the spool, brake handle etc etc so I had to take it apart, having never done it before I ended up not being able to get the brake pads all lined up properly for some stupid reason. So I figured we'll pull the other side up and compare sides, well for some unknown reason after tripping the rod free and my friend going "Hey that downrigger pulls up fast hey?" I check the wire and sure enough, it broke at 40 feet, losing the ball, snap and line snap. Errrrrrrrrrrr. That was enough for me, packed er up and came home. Tonight I'll be putting all new cable on the downriggers and buying 2 more weights so I'll have 2 back ups (already had 1) One good note was I did have a salmon on 15 mins after putting all the gear down, but was busy dickin' around and set the hook a bit late.
My next report will be one of success, or I just won't post :)
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Thank for the warning... my boat is in propetual disrepar. I will go and fix my boat next time I get down there - even if it is sunny and flat. ____ it a death on the water is better.
Have fun, Jason
Been there a few times - better luck next trip bigjay
Nice looking Grady Salt-5 Fever, beauty! I just got back from Oregon, what a fine part of the world that is.
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