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Kawkawa Lake

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Anything happening at Kawkawa Lake besides jetskis ,scantily clad females and sunburns???
Kokannee at the far end?????
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Very reliable reports tell me things are a bit slow, except late in the evening when a few fish are taken at the 30 foot. level. Not any really hot action, tho'..........Late Sept. would be better......Ortho 8)
Late September will see me chasing bullwinkle and 4 lb rainbows by Tweedsmuir Park in 6-01....
I have some good info now on Kawkawa Lake...Hopefully we get to have one BBQ with fresh Kokanee..
If not,,,it will still be better than working.. :happy:
No Jeff,,,I have 8 more years just to iritate everyone >:D...Or one year from this August if our illustrious ghost chief pisses me off too much... :drunk:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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