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Fished the Island across from the hatchery. Hooked severel `fresh pinks, lots of hard fighting chums(the odd boot) and one small spring that was fairly fresh . Bottom bounced with 15lb testabout 6 ft leader , 2/0 hook and orange and peach wool (no spin'n glo). the water is extremely clear so nobody else was catching much using 3ft ,30lb leaders and big scary spin'n glo hoochie combos. Thats what they'll tell you at the tackle store because wool is cheap and they make less money, don't get me wrong when the water is mirky spin'n glos and 30 lb leaders are productive but mostly for flossing, not that wool doesn't floss but under those conditions but in clear water a nicely trimmed peace of egg colored wool will have a better chance of inticing a true strike well getting you into some flossing action at the same time (its un avoidable on the kitimat) :twisted:
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