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Kok lakes other than Deka

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I'm new to this area but plan to spend more time up here when I retire. Can anyone give advice as to Kokanee fishing in other lakes besides Deka? I've read the posts for Deka and plan on trying it but would like info on less-used (and therefore quieter) lakes. Thanks.
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i've went up to horse lake a couple of times and have always gotten my limit. nice size as well,
lots of 2+ kokanee in there. they go crazy for heldibrants.
Thanks for the tip. I was just up there and fished a few of the smaller lakes ( Christmas, Greenlee) with my nephew and niece. Got a few rainbows but tough to fish with kids and produce results.
Just wondering: I assume Hildebrants are flies; can you describe them for me?
Thanks. Not really up on fly fishing but would like to take it up.
A hildebrant is a lure,kinda like a flat fish , and is orange. If you ask someone at a tackle shop they should have plenty.
A Hildebrandt is a small spoon.
Very effective on many fish. :wink:
As Firstlight said a 'brant' is a- trolling- spoon. very similar to a Dick Night.

Thumper- as a general rule if the Kokanee fishing is good it's not quiet at that lake. But there are 1 or 2 "secrete"Kokanee lakes west of 100 Mile that I have fished. None even close to Deka or Horse size and #'s. I would say if you are after a 'quiet' fishing experience maybe you should target Cuttbows or alpine Bows or better yet get slightly off the beaten path N or S of hwy 24 East of Bridge Lake and you will most likely not see a soul for days on end and have a 50/50 chance a a FAT rainbow that's great great great grand parents might have been told about WAY back in the day having a bunch of uninvited guests showing up in there lake IE Stocked fish. Give Pressy a go if you want a quite kokanee experience(although the road is close) as the #'s of Kokanee in there is very low and the size is tiny but you may have a hella good time catching the wild since the 40's bows in there.
And Lesser Fish Lake is nice for Kokanee also. I knew the ex-owner of Lesser Fish Resort, Dick Young. Very awesome fella and his wife Marilyn. Too bad they sold, but you can drive straight down the grassy road to the lake just beside thier resort to launch your pontoon.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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