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Kokanee on the fly

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I read on another post that one of our members uses a 3wt. rod for Kokoanees. I am aware that Kawkawa near Hope has Kokanee in it. If anyone has any suggestions for the time of year, type of flies ( I tie my own), and line selection I would appreciate it. Thanks and Tight Lines
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Time of year is right now, flies are red micro leeches, blood worms, red spratley, type of line intermediate sink or even a type 3 sink line.
ya time is now for sure. reliable source told me they are getting good number sof them in there right NOW
Yup and the Allouette lake will be picking up soon as well.
Thanks everybody for your info I am going to do my darndest to get up there this weekend...Tight Lines
what is the limit of fish you can retain in kawkawa lake for kokanee? Are they stocked everyyear in there?

coho_killer said:
what is the limit of fish you can retain in kawkawa lake for kokanee? Are they stocked everyyear in there?

They are self sustaining. Limit is 4.
PumpingIron said:
coho_killer said:
what is the limit of fish you can retain in kawkawa lake for kokanee? Are they stocked everyyear in there?

They are self sustaining. Limit is 4.
Thank you very much! Might have to give this lake a go in a month or two!

I could be wrong but I don't think it lasts that long....one more month maybe....?
month or 2 is way to long, That lake only lasts about a good month or shorter all depends on water temp.
so late spring early summer is no good for kokanee?
Not there but the Allouette might still be ok. First light and pumpingiron would know better.
I haven't fished for Kokanee on the LM, but in lakes further north that contain Kokanee (Babine in particular) I have fished them from early spring through to the fall, just prior to spawn, Why are they not fishable here past early spring?
I know up around the Horsefly area I used to fish in the beginning of August and it was hot and we would catch kokanee all day long. This will be my first year fishing for them in the lower mainland.
I have fished Kawkawa quite a bit and it doesnt last to long, i would be out now fihsing it
I guess my question is why does it drop off so soon? Is it overfished, so that the kokanee are just too hard to find? Are they leaving the lake? (In my experience,they don't usually do that until they spawn in the fall.) Kokanee feed actively while in lakes, so should be available if they are there.
i think they would be fishable if the lake did not get so much water sking action. if you have ever been there it gets pretty busy with skiers.
You can fish um year round but for fly guys on kawkawa there is a one month or so window when they are shallow enough for us to have a chance...then they go deep again..or so I am told!!! Don't know about other lakes...
Try at night if you dare and you can - check Regs. :confused:
Years ago we would cast a Black Gnat fly from the highway out into the lake that's between Merritt and Princeton where the provincial park is. Allison???
Just dragged it up the drop off and flung it out again.
Caught a couple of good size Koks every night for only an hour or so of fishing.
Prof, others have already said it but here's my understanding of it.

The boat traffic on the lake is pretty intense come summer. The lakes primary use is motorized water sports. It is a small lake so a lap around it while skiing is about 2 - 3 minutes or so. There are usually 10 - 12 boats on the go in the summer. I believe people do catch fish during summer in the bay near the cliffs (possibly north west...) as it protrudes from the natural circle route for the boats.

For what ever reason these fish in this lake only hang out up top for a short period in the spring then from what I understand you can still get on a wedding band or kokanee killer trolling lure. which I guess you could still do on the fly gear although it would some what eliminate the sport these guys are having on their lightweight rods.

If anyone really wants the skinny on what is happening out there you can call Cheyenne Sports 604-869-5062 and chat with Steve. He seems to know what is happening on the rivers and lakes, well he will certainly tell you he does ::) ). He is a nice guy and trying to help and sometimes you gotta trust the locals....?

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