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I like to frequent several BC fishing boards like most of us do I suppose and I must say that BC Fishing Reports is by far the most friendly and supportive of it members.

I post a lot of different techniques and fishing stuff here - some helpful and some no so helpful - and y'all have been nothing but kind in return. I mention this becuase there is BC another board where I post many of the same topics, tips, and what I hope are helpful replies. In return for which, you would think I had kicked their grandma the way they are received. Usually not even a comment much less a positive word or two.

I mention this because like my home board, this group fosters a supportive environment that is quick to help anglers of all experience levels.

Long term it will be the friendly forum that will grow; it will be the forum that invites all regardless of geographic location; the forum the is soft on the newbie’s and kind in their corrections; that will become the strongest and most pertinent board in BC fishing. My home board, www.ifish.net, began in 1998 and is now over 10,000 members strong with over 1,141,000 posts and replies as of today. I believe it is because the owner and mods are strong on friendliness, hard on back-biting, political crapola and cussing, and they encourage new members to jump right in, that is has grown so large, so fast. Obviously, with that many members come some problems but, with it also comes, a breadth, a depth, of knowledge un-rivaled in most regions. A pool from which one cannot help but learn something new everyday. And a place where you can, in turn, help one another grow in this hobby we all enjoy so much.

BC Fishing Reports, pat yourselves on the back and know that with each new member comes unknown volumes of experience and wisdom be it fishing or life in general - something from which we can all benefit. I pleased and proud to be associated with such group and I hope we become known as the best board in all of western Canada.

Cheers - 5-Salt Fever

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I belong to several fish boards. What I like about this board is that there is a good exchange of information that novice fishermen or people new to an area need. I have been criticised on other boards for sharing info on where I fish and techniques that work in specific locations.

All of us would have had greater success and that learning curve would have been easier if we had a mentor to help us with site and flow specific information. I don't subscribe to the belief that providing information to another fisherperson will take away from my fishing experience or diminish my own opportunities to fish. we borrow this enviornment we don't own it. How do others feel about this?????

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cheers to this site

I for one am new to most fishing adventures. when i first join'd this group my view on fishin was a basic hook & a worm.
But now things are much diff. thanks to all the advice from these guys on here. I personaly think its stupid when people come on here & freak out over other guys telling about there secret spots & or bait to use. personaly i beleave how is a person supose to learn these tricks if no one wants to share them. (ya gotta learn somewhere) SOO i'd like to thanks all the guys that have help'd me fig alot of stuff out, if it were not for the you guys i'd still be lost
So Cheers to all the members on this board that r willing to share. & have help'd me soo much.
Thanks alot guys.
Now lets go catch some big ones

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how is a person supose to learn these tricks if no one wants to share them. (ya gotta learn somewhere)
Good point schlock.... I was thinking about this today after reading curmudgeon's post, and it came to me that probably 100% of the "newbies" that come to this site already have the fishing "bug"... so ignoring them, attacking them, spouting negative crap, or berating them for some statement is really an ignorant reaction...since they already have the bug, it would seem that they'll just go somewhere else if someone on a forum puts them off, and who's to say the same thing won't happen there? So it would seem a small window of opportunity presents itself with each interaction to pass on proper etiquette, knowledge and the necessary respect for our resource. Otherwise think of how compounded a lack of understanding becomes when new generations of fishermen have, not only a lack of the knowledge that was passed on to all of us, but also some idea that this behavior is the way its supposed to be!!! Imagine your kids kicking a wild steelie back into the river instead of reviving it, or tossing their garbage on the ground, or crowding a few guys on an already crowded pool, or starting a fight with someone if they're criticized for not respecting the river or other fishermen....I hate to think my grandkids would learn, by someone else's example, to be ignorant just because I refused to speak up when someone else is setting that example for them.... but that doesn't mean we can't deliver our knowledge in a manner that is effective rather than an exacerbation of the problem....

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I like to say because of this site I have enjoyed fishing alot more. After reading positive reports on local lakes and rivers I find my outings are more relaxed and I am more confident. This site has really done something special here in Vancouver. Its brought a fishing community together and made the internet a whole lot more intresting. Thanks to all who post and NO THANKS to all the beaks out there running their mouth about giving out "spots" and all that BS. I think people like to come on here to read reports and have a nice day fishing, and I think that exactly what this site provides.
Cheers to all the Mods and educated people!!!


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The "zipper-lip" spot is and will always be a contentious issue.

How/what we share:
For the Ocean and Lakes - I will share anything. Rivers and specific holes I am a bit more cauious about sharing for a couple of reasons (specific to my area), 10K members with perhaps 10% legitmately available and capable of fishing river steelhead or salmon on the stream I am about to share on any given weekend can put some real pressure on a delicate fishery. Publicly I will share hot setups, rigging, lures, colors, bait, scents, etc... with anyone. Remember this is in the context of water bodies who's season's and run timings are well know - you don't need a fishing report to know if the fishing is anygood, because it is good every year.

Knowing is Better:
Knowing that you can catch fish because you have the technique and the rights colors/lures nailed down breeds confidence. It means you only need to be dilligent in reading water and working the slots, runs and holes. I am big on helping anglers become better fishermen - that is my responsibility as pay-it-forward for those who helped me. If you want the "where" to be a good fisherman you will have to invest a little time and research.

Fishing Log - the beginning to a brilliant angling career.
Solid tips on where and when can be collected simply be keeping a fishing log from reports of succesful and un-succesful fishing posts. From that log you can plan next years, next months, next season's trip. As well, old timers like to drop little hints here/there for those who are paying attention - a fishing log will give you something to turn back when your skills and knowledge have grown enough to recognize the gem you have been given. A fishing log of your own outings and adventures helps you to remember the little thing that helped you be succesful. A fishing log is often a book or journal but it must be supported with a collection of lure pictures, magazine articles, PDF's of posts, GPS waypoints, etc...all saved to your computer and backed up to a CD or external device. Finally, a Fishing Journal is something left behind for your childer and grandchildren to read and learn from - a legacy from which they can find their roots and face the furture.

Good luck out there and remember to pay it forward. In a place as big and abundant as B.C. there is no reason not help your fellow man enjoy the blessings of fishing. Now, you just need to figure out how to keep the rest of the world away :)

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Fishing Log and other publication Links:

Fishing Journal * Angling Legacy - Amato Publications US 19.95

Other Resources:

General BC Rivers

Famous British Columbia Fly-Fishing Waters, SB (softbound) $29.95

Famous British Columbia Fly-Fishing Waters, HB (hardbound) $45.00

Famous British Columbia Fly-Fishing Waters, LIMITED EDITION $80.00

Specific River Journals

River Journal: Thompson (BC), SB $14.95

Steelhead River Journal: Dean (BC), SB $15.95

Steelhead River Journal: Skeena (BC), SB $15.95

BC Fly Patterns

Contemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia - Softbound US 25.00
Contemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia - Hardbound US 35.00
Contemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia - Limited Edition US 100.00

Not a complete list but some good aditions to any anglers library to be sure.
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