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Are you thinking of accessing that area by river or shore? The Laidlaw area is still a llittle high and dirty, so you might want to amplify your attractant. From shore, I've been plunking(14oz) two large chrome spin 'n' glos with a large sac of fresh cured chum roe(sardine oil added). I've used a total of six small red beads and two barrel swivels to prevent line twist. I'm also using a T-Bar spacer. I've tried just one spin 'n' glo, but as soon as I added a second, the early morning bite really was twice as good. I've seen other anglers anchor in boats in Laidlaw, so it's possible. I don't have pics to prove it, but I have found out for myself that Chinook are now moving through that area of the Fraser.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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