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Hey all I had a question and wasn't really sure where to post this, so please move where mods feel it is appropriate.

I have a larger lake in my region that holds a good population of bull trout as well as a stock of kokanee. The river that the Kokanee spawn in has washed a huge open patch in the lake and I was thinking of heading out to try for some bulls on the fly at the mouth.

My question is in regards to fry emergence: Does anyone know what Kind of ATU's are required for emergence and with weather averaging 5-7degrees for the past 2 weeks, I'm curious if there is something that can help me pin point a time to make my attempts at the bulls.

I've heard varying explanations of emergence timing, 50deg in 50days, 30 ATU...etc...etc... Anyone have thoughts on this?

Also with that being said, are there any go-to flies that imitate Kokanee fry well, or am I looking at the standard Mickey Finns and Muddlers??

Thanks I really appreciate any help.

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