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Lake or River???

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A buddy of mine is coming down from the okanagan this weekend for a couple days of fishing and we were wondering what our best bet would be. We are both feather chuckers, aren't really wanting to use the belly boats but do have access to them if needed. I haven't been out since January(weak I know) but I haven't really done a whole lot of spring fishing in the lower mainland during the spring either as the okanagan is usually destination of choice. Anybody have any insight possibly.....was thinking weaver lake or fish lake, are those belly/pontoon fishing only or do you have room to launch at all?? Cheers O0
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Weaver is a good lake but a little on the big size for a belly boat, I have never been to Fish lake. A good lake for belly boats and the fishing should be good is Mike lake :thumbup: its a very small lake, parking is 5$ for the day, most the fish are 6-10" but there are some bigger ones in there. last time i was there i saw a guy hit one that was 2-3lbs :thumbup: he lost it though but was a great fish. you could also try Rolley it has lots of the catchable sized fish with bigger ones mized in and i believe it has cutties in there also (was told this but never caught any) you could also try Grace lake, small fish again and is just up the road from Weaver lake, just keep going up the road and when it V's take the right and it goes right to the lake. Good Luck out there
Book a Sturgeon trip. He's got better lakes and rivers in his neck of the woods anyways.
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