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Lakes ...or Junkyards?

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I had the oportunity to for some great dryfly fishing the last couple days, but continued to find myself distracted and overwhelmed by the amount of garbage and crap that has been scattered in and around some of these lakes. I know most of the users of this site or other fisherman pack out their garbage out of respect. However some people lack the respect and we all pay for it! I packed out everything from a rusty camp stove to bottles, buckets, fishing line and ripped tarps...even a skidoo seat?? If every fisherman takes a small garbage bag and a few minutes to pick up a little garbage it would make a huge difference! It does'nt solve the problem, but it helps, and makes your next trip more enjoyable. Next time I go camping, I will wander arround the lake drinking beer, looking for places to shore cast while filling a garbage bag. Its too easy!
Just a hint... when I got in shit as a kid, my dad would take me out fishin & make me pick up garbage arround the lake or streamside while he tossed flies. I hated it! But.. lesson learned because now I watch my kids pick up garbage while I toss flies and then they get a little entomology lesson. It is a constructive & profitable punishment.
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love that last idea!! If I take that one up, with three teenage boys I'll be fishing a lot more and all the streams in the area will be spotless. :yummy:
that is the smartest two cents I have read. Great idea
I know if my family goes out my wife and kids fill like three garbage bags. One year on the Fraser we packed 2 bags full of just fishing line, and barely touched the bar. But when it comes to our mountain lakes the garbage is all camping related. It's time the government stepped in and took control. Take some of the tax dollars that we all pay and pay a few guys to drive around and take care of things. If there is a road to the lake, put up a gate and set hours of use, if it is hike in then they get paid to exercise and check out the lakes. The problem is mostly teenagers and young adults partying up on weekends the odd drug producer dumping meth and grow op related materials. If these places had consistent monitoring then these people would stop visiting these areas.............. I know, they would just go somewhere else and other people would have to deal with it. The thing is, there is only a small percent of fisherman that actually care about the environment and for everyone of us that do there is 3 fisherman that don't probably 6 party goin campers and maybe 1 drug producer so you do the math. Unless there are more people willing to step up to the plate and keep their eyes open and report any environmental infractions this will be a neverending story.More fisheries officers and park managers to keep an eye on things and more people to take responsibility and care about their surroundings would definatly help out.
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