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Landing Big Salmon

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What are the best methods for landing big salmon when you are fly fishing by yourself?
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Re: Beaching Big Salmon

fly fishing OR gear fishing?
Re: Beaching Big Salmon

Sorry fly fishing. I put this in the wrong area. It should be in general. How do you move posts?
The way you should.

Use gear appropriate to the fish species, hook the fish in the mouth, play the fish quickly and bring it in to shore, get in the water down on your knees and tail it. Pop the hook and release it.
Fly fishing for springs, I find that whenever a fish turns its head or gets into a tailout, its the hardest to land on fly gear, but if you give slack, the fish will feel the river pull on the line and swim back into the run, to beach it, use a net, or back up with your rod tip high to keep the fishes head out of the water, if you wish to keeep it bonk it, if you don't try to get it as fast back into the water. A great way to learn how to beach a larger fish is to catch chums on the fly, or for beginners try pinks.

good luck
as you can see these guys answers while good dont really answer what your asking :wallbash: all sorts of people land fish in different ways when they want to CATCH & RELEASE i just swing the fish in near my feet preferably upstream from me so i can let the current slide it to my hand so i can tail it (in knee deep or the deepest i can get) then pop the hook. If i plan to keep it i land it this way and then just carry it onto the beach for a rock shampooing LOL Its more of a learning curve to find what your comfortable with while landing fish. I have done it many different ways but find this way easier and if the fish takes off again its not going to snap my rod because im not holding my leader line or fly line :wallbash: (seen this happen many times)
If you are fly fishing in big rivers you must play the fish in accordance of your situation; if you have a long sand bar you can just start stripping line as quick as you can and bring your fish to shore. In a smaller river like the vedder or chilliwack river, you want to keep you rod high above any obstacles to avoid a snag and then bring the fish to shore. While doing this try to bring the fish into a low flowing area allowing you to bring the fish up on to shore.
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