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HiYa Folks,

Looks like this coming Weekend's Warriors are bailing out. Something beyond their control it seems. I do feel for them alright, but their loss may well be someone else's gain...

This Saturday and Sunday Ucluelet will once again hold their renowned Ukee Days (or is that DAZE?? :happy: ) Festival. A whole lot of fun for the entire family to be had! And... hand in hand with the other Fun is the Ukee Derby. 10 clams a rod, with prizes ranging from $ 500 for best hali and best spring on down. With the fishing as good as it has been lately, we're quite likely to see some rather nice ones wander into the weigh-in station methinks!

So, here's the deal. I am now open for both Saturday and Sunday's fishing safaris. Thought I would run a post up here and see if there might be any interest. Be sweet to get a couple more folks from here out on The Pond, and even sweeter should we manage a "Contender" or two!! ;D
Already have one possibly two onboard, so looking for one, possibly two to round out The Team.

Anyone who's interested shoot me an E or PM, and we'll see what we can do to fill in the details.

Couple of hali's from last weekend's FUN!

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