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Leader vs Tippet

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im new to flyfishing,got a rod last year but really havnt played with it till this year.I have a 9' 8Wt TFO Lefty Kreh signiture series rod with a SLK reel and using RIO multy/versa tips. Biggest question is tying leaders/tippets on end.what is best situation? Currently i have 25# as my lets call it main line saver(arms length) then i have 15# as my leader (also arms length) then i have 12# as tippet (and again arms length)and fly.is this a good set up or am i out of the ballpark?
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Hey tazzman

The length of your leader and how you build it will greatly depend on several factors

1) what type of tip you are fishing, shorter 4 to 6 feet with a sink tip and up to 12 or 15 feet with a dry tip
2) water clarity the dirtier the water the heavier tippet you can get away with
3) what type of fish are you going after some are more leader shy than others

I also use a RIO versa tip system and on all of the sinking tips I have about 2 or 3 feet of 20 or 25 lb tippet and will add about 2 to 4 feet of 10 lb when fishing for the Pinks I rarely fish more than 5 or 6 feet of mono on the sink tips.

On my slime line I go about 4 or 5 feet of mono as the line is already clear.

On the dry tip I will occasionally fish tapered leaders of 12 to 16 feet or make my own starting with 3 feet of 25lb 6 feet of 15lb and then add 3 feet or more of whatever tippet I choose to fish.

I also fish fluorocarbon for the final tippet if the water is fairly clear

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If you want to build your own leaders rather than purchasing the standard knotless ones this page worked well for me.
At the bottom of the adverts there is "Understanding fly leader", "ST/Sal leader formulas", and "The X designation chart".

thanx,that clarified things a bit
lookin forward to some action on the fly!
I ran across this application a few uears ago. It supplies you with hundreds of formulas for tying tapered leaders, then gives you labels to print up and also allows you to ad in your own leader formulas. I have used it extensively and I never use commecial leaders. You need Excel on your computer to run it, but I recommend downloading it to anyone who wants to tie their own leaders. Download the 2007 version here:
i have to go back to school to figure that one out lol
thanx professori :)
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