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Well, made my second trip of the season on Saturday. My dad and I headed up to Leighton for the day. Weather was beautiful all day long, except for the wind which picked up in early afternoon. When we got there, there were fish jumping everywhere. Many of them looked to be about 2+ pounds, and a bunch of smalller guys. Apparently they'd been active all morning (we got there around 0900). We rigged up and started fishing off one of the reed beds with chironomids. I used blood worm and hooked into a fish that doubled over the 3 weight and made a couple strong runs before breaking my 6lb tippet. No action for another couple hours, so we went in for lunch. Dad went to take a nap, so I headed across the lake and did a little bit of dry fly fishing in a small bay. Got on 10-11 incher and another 8-9incher. Then I tooled around a bit fishing a damsel nymph but got nothing. Came back in to pick up dad, and just as we were leaving a guy came in with a 1.5 pounder and a 3 pounder. Very nice fish. Went out for another hour or so, got nothing, so we called it a day around 1700. All day long the fish kept jumping. Sometimes only 5 ft off shore in front of the campground. Not many people were catching that day though, It was the first time I've fished Leighton, so I can't wait to go back again! A wonderful day to get out and fish, even if the fish weren't biting. :thumbup:
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