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Lilloet or Birkinhead

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Has anyone fished the Lilloet or the Birkinhead for stellhead or trout? I am going to be out that was and was wondering what kind of fish populations those rivers have if anyone has any info that would be great!!
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Some steel but hard to find and the "L" is a big river. You just sort of have to get lucky! some good trout fishing to be had in both systems.I don't know if they are still frozen but most likely ice free with the recent trend of warm weather! Hope this helps some!

The Lillooet is mostly ice free under the BCR bridge near Pemberton. The Birkenhead looks very nice.

Thanks for the info.... Ive seen some great shots of a few Birk rainbows sounds like some nice fish in there, what section of the river is the most fishable? I know one section of the river is a steep canyon with some serious class 4/5 whitewater.
Just wondering if the Birkenhead rainbows are resident or if the just follow the salmon migration??
some Rainbows resde in the river year round though there is a significant increase in the Trout population in the early fall when the sockeye run.
We have been there for 3 years in a row now on a guys' trip in Mid to late May. We fish the lake and do well for dollies. We also C&R a few big white springs that we catch trolling crocks right off the surface. Last year we hook 3 and the year before that 5. Also caught a few small bows fishing flies at the river mouths. Casted a stone fly in the fast water and let it drift into the lake with success. If you fish the narrows between the 2 lakes you can catch some really nice dollies on a black leech but you need to get it down to the bottom. Somethimes a small weight is needed to get it down or tie a weighted fly.

Cheers, Rob
Rolled by the Birkenhead River again this afternoon on the train. Above the gorge (about 5 miles north of the Mount Currie rail crossing?) and upstream from there, the water is quite low and very clear but with quite a bit of cover from downed trees and such opposite the Creekside siding at the 106 mile. Downstream from where Owl Creek pours into the Birkenhead is rather larger, still clear, but nice water.

The snow is still quite deep at Pemberton (mile 95) but almost gone by the time you get to Creekside near the Fee Creek rearing channels.

Hope you can make it out.

Hey thanks for the info guys.... gonna give it a go in early May I think
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