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Lilly Lake

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Went to Lilly lake the other day with my bro and his friend. Never thought we would have much luck but we ended up catching 12 fish and keeping 4 nice ones :happy:
We got em on a big black leech, micro leech brown, mosquito and a wedding band. While we were having some supper we decided to catch some crayfish for some after dinner food. It was very :happy:fun trying to catch these fast little lobsters and we got about 6 big ones for the pot. After we had supper we had enough time to go back out and try some dry fly action. Got some little ones but it was fun watching them take the fly on top of the water. :happy:

I have a picture but i need to size it down but i don't know how anyone know? :peace:
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Just open a photobucket account and upload it to that. Then you can click on the bottom choice and paste it directly into your post. Easiest way to do it.
ok thanks ill have them up in a couple of mins
heres one of them only pic i got prob 2nd biggest
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Nice. Now if you click on IMG code it will copy to your clipboard and when pasted to your post will come out as a picture, not a URL.
ok thanks for the help
How is the useage at Lilly?? Camping?? I am looking for a lake in the Merritt area that people dont flock too, any sugestions for the long weekend, Any help would be apreciated


not many people go up there and there is lots of camping the last bit of road needs 4x4 prob
Thanks for the info, We will try it out and let you know how we did, thanks again

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