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I hit Lafarge lake on Wed with the tube and did not have a good day at all
I only hooked two fish and the guys on shore were not having much luck
I tried everything i had but it seemed like the fish had gone into hiding
Thurs i decided to try Buntzen so i pack the pontton and headed off the the lake only to be greeted with a sign that said boat launch closed
BC hydro are doing some work there
there was no way for me to get close to the water without carrying my pontoon all the way from the parking lot to the beach
So i headed back home put the toon back and got out the utube and headed to Lafarge
It was a rainy day but better fishing than the day before
the fish were rising everywhere
i got some on chironies and some on spratlys
I did see the otter chomping on fish every now and then nice to see the wild life doing well close to the city
The osprey was doing well too and he soon chased off a bald eagle that tried to check out the fishing
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